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Special Needs Center in Amman, Jordan
A couple years ago, a wonderful family flew around the world to come to Growing Healthy Children Therapy Services and help their son with Sensory Processing Disorder.  While participating in the burst of intensive sensory therapy, they started making plans for when they would return to Jordan.  They asked questions like: What will be the best school for our son? How will we continue to support his sensory needs?  Are there occupational therapists in Jordan? They were nervous about the next step in their journey and excited about the progress their son had made and how their family had grown together. 

When the family returned home, they were asked to help start a new school called, Alliance Academy Jordan. Partnering with incredible teachers and passionate administrators, they began getting ready for the first school year. They quickly saw the need for children with many different learning styles and special needs to have the opportunity to learn and thrive. The family watched as doors were opened to help other families with children with special needs. 

We were asked to help plan this wonderful facility and started designing. The vision for a special needs center at the school started with a sensory room on the main floor and grew to encompass sensory gyms, individual therapy rooms, a Lycra hammock room, and an observation room so that therapists could be trained on-site!  We have been so blessed to be a part of this project!  The special needs center is under construction and fundraising is picking up steam. We look forward to a partnership for years to come, with more training and mission trips in the future!
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AAJ Sensory Gym

AAJ Sensory Gym

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