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Online Education Series

Community Education, Evidence-Based Practice Discussions, and Parent Support Groups to help families, professionals, and therapists!
GHC Connections - Our Online Education Seminar Series


A few years ago, we held a sensory seminar series at a local winery. It was very fun and informative.  A highlight of the year was Dr. Lucy Jane Miller coming out and presenting to the group! We received great feedback, and many people have requested that we offer these seminars again.  In an effort to make these resources accessible to more people, we decided to move the seminars to an online platform.  

With a growing community of therapists and families traveling to our clinic to receive support and training, we are very excited to provide this FREE ONLINE resource for you!

As we inaugurate our 2019-2020 education series, we look forward to learning and growing together with you.  We hope that this series will build and strengthen connections among professionals, families, and community members in our mutual efforts to help our unique and amazing children.  We are also excited to connect wonderful people with information and ideas that will help them, their children, families and students GROW and THRIVE.

Come learn with us!  Each month we will host three types of online seminars:

Informative Presentations


The first Thursday of each month will feature a formal presentation by one of our amazing therapists.   This is intended for families of children with special needs as well as educators, therapists, and other professionals.  Please invite the team you have supporting your child!  

For a list of dates and topics for this FREE webinar, please click here

Evidence-Based Practice Discussion Groups


The second Thursday of the month we will provide an evidence-based practice discussion related to the topic of the month's presentation.  This discussion group is intended for pediatric therapists and professionals from all disciplines who work with children with special needs.  During this hour-long facilitated discussion, we will to dive deeper into research, resources, and reflection around the subject.  These discussions include rich discussion on clinical reasoning and research, as well as self-reflection.  We will provide suggested reading materials for each seminar from a variety of resources including books and research articles.  Please come with your thoughts, questions, and experiences to contribute, or even just to listen and absorb.  Let’s learn and build our skills together!

For a list of dates and topics for this FREE online discussion group, please click here 

Online Parent Support Groups


On the fourth Thursday of each month, we are pleased to offer an online support group just for parents of children with special needs.  During these facilitated discussion groups we will take a deeper dive into the topic of the month's presentation.  Parents are encouraged to bring your questions and real life situations for discussion.  You are also welcome to come and just absorb.  During this hour, we aim to find hope in the midst of challenge. In a world filled with rushing and judgement, we will work together to create a community of encouragement, love, and grace.

For a list of dates and topics for this FREE online parent support group, click here


When you sign up for a class or discussion group, you will be sent a direct link to the online meeting room.  All you have to do is log in, no matter where you are or how your month has gone.  We are here for you, whether you can't find a babysitter or you are a therapist working alone and need refreshing and connection. We look forward to learning with you!

These webinars are absolutely free, and we are excited to build community and learn with you.  If you have enjoyed this series or are interested in helping to further our mission, please click here or on the link below to donate to our scholarship fund.  100% of donations will be put toward helping families who cannot afford therapy obtain services that will have a lifelong impact on their children.  Thank you in advance for your generosity!