Continuing Education

We love bringing quality continuing education to our area!  Please see the following list of courses for 2019-2020.

STAR School-based Intensive Course at our Rescue Clinic.
 February 21-22, 2020

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This "hybrid" intensive training course supports the clinician to gain an advanced understanding of sensory processing and integration theory, the STAR Frame of Reference adapted for the schools, evaluation, and various strategies of intervention. The clinician will learn to apply clinical reasoning through lectures, video treatment observation and analysis with experienced STAR Institute Faculty. The course will end with an opportunity for each clinician to develop an action plan to take back to their own practice.

The objective of STAR Institute's Sensory Processing Intensive for School-Based Occupational Therapy Practitioners is to provide participants with a basic comprehension of sensory processing theory and the ability to:

  • Explain how the three areas of sensory, relationships, and regulation can support students in each of the three tiers of RTI
  • Administer a variety of assessment tools to evaluate children with SPD in the school settings
  • Utilize a multifaceted approach to sensory processing and integration that includes consultation, accommodations and modifications, and remedial direct support services
  • Synthesize information in an OT assessment, write IEP’s, and collaborate effectively with student’s team
  • Use clinical reasoning tools for intervention developed by Dr. Lucy Jane Miller and Dr. Sarah A. Schoen
  • Observe client session videos, analyze through clinical reasoning, and discuss treatment planning
  • Receive group processing/supervision guided by faculty level clinicians from the STAR Institute

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PROMPT- Level 1
June 12th-14th, 2020


This 3 day intensive workshop focuses on teaching the technique of PROMPT. The training is hands-on tactile-kinesthetic input and emphasizes the need to integrate this into a holistic therapy approach. Please note that due to the hands-on training workshop attendees cannot have long fingernails when taking the workshop. Should you have any limitations in using your hands to apply PROMPTs to a training partner, or receiving PROMPTs on your face from a training partner, please contact [email protected] for potential accommodations.  

Learner Objectives: 

At the conclusion of the Introduction to PROMPT: Technique workshop, participants will be able to: 

  1. Describe the philosophy of PROMPT and its application principles.
  2. Apply different levels of PROMPTing (Parameter, Syllable, Complex, Surface) as appropriate to the selected cases. 
  3. Analyze speech motor subsystems using the Systems Analysis Observation and Motor Speech Hierarchy.
  4. Design interactive therapy activities that utilize all of the above. 

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