Getting Started

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Intake Forms

Please fill out the Intake Form below to begin the process for your free intake session. The intake form helps us gather information about your concerns.  You can download and complete the Developmental History Form or we can email it to you. Please also send or bring in copies of previous test reports. We need detailed information about your family and child’s medical and neurodevelopmental history to best understand and help your child. This information is a crucial part of your evaluation process.

Next Steps

The assessment is a comprehensive (2 to 3-hour) evaluation consisting of standardized testing, observations in a clinical setting, and parent-report measures. The assessment provides information for designing treatment.  A written report explaining the results is provided during the Feedback Session, which follows the assessment and provides a complete review of our findings.  Parents are asked to attend without their children so that results and a potential treatment plan can be discussed in detail.

Treatment needs vary for clients based on their age, stage of development, diagnosis, and parents’ priorities for treatment. For children needing an intensive burst of sensory-based therapy, we start with a program of 30 sessions with parent meetings every 5 sessions. The program consists of occupational therapy, listening therapy, or a combination of the two therapies. 

All programs involve parent education and post-testing. Some clients return for later “boosters” when new developmental challenges take place.