Payment & Fees

The decision to begin therapy is complex. When you make the commitment to begin treatment, you are making an investment in the future of your entire family.  While the benefits of receiving treatment at GHC last a lifetime, we realize paying for these therapy services can be a financial challenge for families.

An intake via telephone or in-person is provided free of charge.

Every client is an individual with unique strengths and challenges, and requires a personalized approach. Because of this, assessment and treatment fees can vary greatly depending on each client’s diagnosis and treatment plan. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs and we will give you a better idea of what your costs are likely to be.

Generally, assessments are $700 to $2400, depending on how many different disciplines need to be included (occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, etc.).  While treatment is in the range of $100 to $200 per session.
Payment Options and Financing

Pay as You Go
Pay each session prior to treatment at the time of service. Payment by check or cash.

Monthly Billing/Pay using Intuit Payment Network 
We are now accepting payments through the Intuit Payment Network. We will e-mail you a monthly statement which then can be paid online by following the instructions on your invoice. The funds can be transferred directly from your bank. Please let us know if you are interested in taking advantage of this option.

Pre-Payment Discount
We offer a discount for families that pay for 30 sessions on or before the first treatment of a burst of therapy.

Courtesy billing to your insurance
GHC is a private pay facility.  As a courtesy, we will send your bill to your insurance company electronically, except in rare cases when it is not permitted by the insurance company. If you have out-of-network benefits, you are likely to receive partial reimbursement from your insurance company.

Feeding therapy services can include occupational therapy, and/or speech language therapy, which makes billing complex. Therefore, if you are coming for these services, we will check your benefits when you schedule an intake.
To find out if you are eligible for insurance reimbursement before beginning treatment, call your insurance provider and ask:
- What are my benefits for out-of-network occupational therapy, counseling, speech/language therapy or physical therapy?
- What is my out-of-network deductible?
- How much of my deductible has already been met?
- How many visits are allowed per calendar year?
- What percentage of the fee per session is covered based on usual and customary charges?
- Is prior authorization required?

For more information about insurance covering therapy services, click here.

Employer flex-plans
Find out whether your employer offers a “flex-plan.” If they do, this means that you can elect to put away funds to pay for treatment with tax-free dollars, providing a substantial savings.

We have partnered with the Marshall Foundation to create the Growing Healthy Children Fund which is to be used in part to provide sponsorships for families unable to pay for therapy. Please let us know if you or someone you know is interested in participating in this program.

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