Reading Enrichment Program 

Comprehensive Reading Enrichment Program

The Growing Healthy Children Reading program comprises both the content and teaching principles of a Structured Literacy program which the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) states is necessary for effective reading instruction.

Teaching Principals of our program:

Explicit. We directly teach reading and spelling concepts pointing out details and connections that help students gain a deeper understanding of how our writing system works. We do not expect students to memorize lists of words, and we do not give drills with no context. We give lots of practice and revisit previously taught concepts to help ensure mastery.

Systematic and Cumulative. We start with basic foundational reading skills (phonemic awareness) and build upon these skills to more complex reading and spelling concepts.

Diagnostic. We assess students at key times and monitor progress to help inform our teaching instruction. Our goal is to have students attain automaticity in reading and spelling skills so they have more cognitive resources available for higher level tasks such as comprehension and written expression.

Multi-sensory.  We incorporate the senses in our instruction. Students use auditory, visual, and kinesthetic methods to enhance their ability to learn.

The content of our Reading program:

  • Phonology and especially phonemic awareness. Students develop the ability to manipulate the sounds of English, an important pre-reading skill.

  • Sound-Symbol Association. Students learn to map phonemes (sounds) onto graphemes (symbols). 

  • Syllables. Students use this knowledge to divide and decode unfamiliar words.

  • Morphology. Students  discover the structure of a word (base, affixes) and use this knowledge to understand a word’s spelling, meaning and connection to a whole word family. When students gain morphological knowledge and consider a word’s Etymology (origin and evolution over time), spelling makes a lot more sense. Students learn that every word has a story!

  • Syntax. Students learn about the sequence and function of words in a sentence.

  • Semantics or the meaning of words.  Students expand their vocabulary and comprehend what they are reading.

    Above all, we focus on building a positive relationship with your child and helping them develop a growth mindset. Your child may have been struggling with reading for a while and our program is built to help them make meaningful progress, and in so doing, build their confidence. This program takes time, and we will be there to report progress to you at key times, answer your questions and concerns, and encourage celebration as each level is mastered.

    If you would like more information or are ready to sign up for our program please call our Rescue office at,