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We are committed to empowering and supporting parents, teachers, and multidisciplinary professionals!
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We support parents, teachers, and multidisciplinary professionals around the world on a variety of topics related to helping children with all levels of abilities and their families. We aim to create ripples of learning so that children with special needs improve foundational areas of development to help them learn, grow, and do what they love! We want to help your team find the gleam in every child's eye and restore health and hope for families!

Our seminars are interactive, informative, engaging, multi-sensory, and FUN! 

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Hope and Help in the Home:
Introduction to Sensory Processing 

Parenting with sensory spectacles can transform your home and family flow.  Learn to use sensory strategies to support adaptive behavior and the red flags of sensory processing differences!
Length: 2 hours

Supporting Regulation: Building Your Child's Therapy Team

An interactive overview of the different forms of therapy available to help your children and family.  We will provide lots of activities and interactive experiences to share applicable tools and strategies from different therapeutic perspectives.

Length: 1 Day

The Building Blocks of Regulation

Learn how to use sensory tools to stay calm and regulated through the ups and downs of life. We will explore easy-to-implement strategies from many angles including: adjusting sensory input, embodiment, breathing, mindfulness, and play!
Length: 4 hours

A Smooth Ride: Using Sensory Processing Strategies to Support the Bus Ride to School

This workshop is geared specifically for bus drivers.  We want to help you support children with special needs get to school in a safe and regulated way!  From day to day tips and tools to how to help in an emergency situation, this training will make your life easier by helping you do your job in a safe and fun way!

Length: 2 hours

Improving Handwriting

In this seminar you will learn how to teach handwriting in a fun and multi-sensory way!  You will learn how to troubleshoot when handwriting is not functional. We will also go over alternative methods for getting your students' amazing ideas expressed and composed! 

Length: 4 hours

Sensory Activities to Support Attunement and Attachment

Learn about how attachment and attunement support connection and development. We will practice tools and sensory games for connecting with your child!

Length: 4 hours

Sensational Story Times: 
How to Design, Develop, and Do Story Times for Children with Special Needs

This seminar was created in conjunction with the California Public Library System. The training includes the benefits of a Sensational Story Time, how to facilitate a Sensational Story Time, and practical tips for getting started.

Length: 2 days

Serving People With Special Needs

This seminar is valuable for any organization that embraces neurodiversity!  The training helps team members appreciate every person's similarities and differences.  We support a deeper understanding of the various types of disabilities and learn effective ways of serving people with disabilities. 

Length: 1 hour

Going Deeper: How to Mentor Your Team 

Help your therapists advance their clinical reasoning by providing individual mentoring. We will teach you how!
Length: 2 days

Supporting Children with ADHD from an Occupational Therapy Perspective

This training will include practical tips and tools for supporting children with ADHD in 8 executive functioning categories: impulse control, emotional control, flexible thinking, working memory, self-monitoring, planning and prioritizing, task initiation, and organization.  We will also look at the research on the relationship between sensory processing and attention challenges.

Length: 2 hours

Supporting Regulation in the Classroom for Teachers

This training helps kindergarten through high school teachers learn about how sensory input and emotions impact regulation and learning.  We provide practical classroom tools and activities, including components of the Zones of Regulation, to help increase the effectiveness of your instruction.

Length: 6 hours

Multi-Sensory Learning: Supporting Early Childhood Development

This seminar teaches early intervention specialists and preschool teachers about using sensory strategies in their program.  This interactive program embraces multi-sensory learning for all students and also goes into detail about how to help students with sensory differences.  

Length: 6 hours

How It Feels To Be Me: 
Understanding Sensory Processing Differences

This active workshop helps professionals understand and support children with sensory processing differences through body-based learning opportunities. This powerful experience is crucial for everyone who works with children!

Length: 6 hours