Our Country Center

Located just outside of Folsom, Ca in the Gold Country of Northern California

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Sensory Gyms

With 2 large sensory gyms, kids of all ages can engage in therapeutic play with strategically infused multi-sensory input. From swings to zip lines, we have lots of fun in therapy!  One 8-year-old girl said that coming in for her evaluation was more fun than Disneyland!
Garden Room: Adjustable Lycra Hammocks!

This room is the home of so much joy!  We climb up in the hammocks and play all sorts of games, from peek-a-boo to a journey to outer space!  The fabric provides calming sensory input and helps children improve their body awareness.
Small Treatment Rooms

Our individual treatment rooms offer a safe place for children who need a quiet space to connect and build trust.  They also provide a comfortable meeting space for our parent meetings where we coach parents on how to apply treatment techniques at home and in the community!  

Sensory Experiences with Animals

Sensory Experiences with Animals

Our Playground

Sensory Garden

Treatment Rooms

Feeding Therapy Room

View From the Road

Observation Room

The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room

Sensory Gym- Rock Climbing


Sensory Gym- Ziplining

Sensory Gym- Chalkboard