School-Based Therapy

With our experienced and dedicate multi-disciplinary team, we specialize in supporting all kinds of schools across California!
Partnering with your school staff, our experienced therapists provide quality:
Speech Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Assistive Technology
Adaptive Physical Education
School Psychology

We offer affordable solutions for:
Direct, in-person services
Online services
Consultative services
RTI support
Staff Trainings

Therapy in the school system is different than clinic-based therapy provided within the medical model.  Therapy services should support the students and the IEP team in order to improve the carry over of skills into the classroom and home settings.  It is written in the law that services must be provided in the least restrictive environment, so we support students in their classroom whenever possible.  We love the opportunity to go into the classroom, work with parents and teachers, and provide suggestions for functional skills like handwriting, physical education adaptations, self-care, attention, and self-regulation. Collaboration and teamwork are the keys to students' success!

Call Sandy at (530) 391-8670 to set up a contract. The process is fast and easy because we are a Non-Public Agency (NPA).

We currently partner with schools in:
El Dorado County
Placer County
Sacramento County
Yolo County
San Joaquin County
Santa Clara County
San Diego County

With our distance technology, we support families and schools in other parts of the state as well.  Additionally, our team members may be able to travel to help you, so please call with any questions.