Sensory Motor Activity Books

Our sensory motor activity books are designed to support children’s development in a fun and engaging way. 

There are activities for children with skills at the preschool through the junior high level. You can grade the difficulty level of the activities to create the "just right challenge" and help each child feel successful and challenged at the same time.

The activities target the areas of posture, visual perception, visual motor coordination, ocular motor coordination, handwriting, motor planning and sensory processing.

These packets can be used in many different ways:
  • Families: Have fun as a family while incorporating some important foundational skills.
  • Teachers: Provide hands-on, interactive, sensory-rich supplemental activities to ease transitions and guide development of foundational handwriting skills.
  • Administrators: Improve ease of implementing the Response To Intervention model by supporting students and staff in addressing OT-related concerns before making a referral for an OT evaluation.
  • Therapists: Save hours and hours of treatment planning time by using activities from the packet during your session or selecting activities to create home programs.

Apples Sensory Motor Activity Book- $15


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Bugs and Butterflies Sensory Motor Activity Book- $15


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Dogs Sensory Motor Activity Book- $15


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Gardening Sensory Motor Activity Book- $15


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Pumpkins Sensory Motor Activity Book- $15


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Summer Fun Sensory Motor Activity Book- $15


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"I have found the monthly packets to be a nice transition between subjects . . . Before, my child would constantly interrupt me. He struggled to work independently.  Since these are fun, he completes a few pages. This allows me time to coach another child. He liked the different themes, too!  I learned to incorporate some therapy into every day play. Our backyard is the perfect place to get therapy in disguise."
~Mother of a 12 year old boy with a learning disability

Please respect the time and effort that went into making these books and purchase one for each therapist's caseload or location in which it is being used.
Thank you for your support as we strive to offer therapy services for all families in need!