Summer Camp 2023!

Help your children get ready for next school year and have a fun summer camp experience!

SUMMER CAMP 2023 At Our Rescue and Roseville Clinics 

Join us for fun, educational, and multi-sensory programs again this summer at our Rescue and Roseville clinics. 

All children ages 5 - 14 are welcome! Each camp will have unique, theme-based activities designed to facilitate motor development, sensory processing, and social skills.  We have brought back some of the most favorite themes of last summer with new activities! Small groups are run by our team of experienced occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech and language pathologists. 

Children of all skill levels will be supported and encouraged so that they feel comfortable and successful. We provide challenging activities to promote critical thinking in children who are ahead of the standards and adjust activities to engage learners with special needs so that everyone enjoys a feeling of accomplishment!

You may send us a check or contact us at 530-556-0414 to pay over the phone.  Your space is not reserved until payment is received.

Summer Camp Specials!!

• Sibling/Referral Discount: Receive a $50 discount off one summer camp registration when enrolling a sibling or referring a friend to our camp! (Discount will apply after that referred camper has paid for their registration)

• Multiple Week Discount: Enroll in 1 week of camp and get $50 off each subsequent camp in which you enroll!