"We would highly recommend the online therapy services of Growing Healthy Children and specifically the expertise of our OT. Our son does not easily talk to people, and is shy and afraid in most cases. She took the time from the very beginning to build rapport with him, focusing her online therapy activities that involved his favorite hobbies and movies. She had a way to engage with him online that made him want to excel and improve his skills. He loved his “OT” with her and was very excited for his weekly on-line time with her. She allowed him to openly interact with her while helping him in the areas he needed. He would get a new toy and be so excited to show her at their next session! She always communicated with us about how he was doing, asked about upcoming activities she was planning to see if he would like them, and she helped our son greatly! She is a wonderful person with extensive skills and we would highly recommend her services and those of the other staff at GHC!" -J.T.

"Growing Healthy Children and Robyn Chu came into our family’s life at the most opportune time. We had just learned about Sensory Processing Disorder and how it was affecting our son, but we had no idea how to help him. We came to Robyn in January 2009 when our son Jackson was 4 years old, about 6 months prior to starting kindergarten. He had already been in a full integrated preschool for a year and a half, but needed constant support in the classroom. We had been trying all that we could to help Jackson find the “tools” that were going to help him in school, but weren’t exactly sure what he needed. Robyn literally welcomed us with open arms, embracing our son like one of her own from the moment we crossed the threshold of her practice. After initial testing, she helped us pin point his deficiencies and strengths. Robyn gave us ideas on how to help him get through the challenges and worked with him every week to gently push him out his comfort zone. After the first session we saw changes in the way he approached daily tasks. Within the first month we saw tremendous growth in motor planning and gross motor skills. His improvement was so astounding, that during one session there were tears running down my face due to the sheer joy of watching him do something he had never done before.
Right before Jackson started Kindergarten we chose to do 2 weeks of intensive therapy with sessions every day.  It was the best decision we could have ever made! Each day focused on a skill he needed to have, or a coping strategy he needed to learn. Each day built on the previous and when he started school he had the “tools” we had been searching for so he could be successful in a traditional classroom. With every road block, Robyn was available by phone or email to answer questions and come up with new ideas to help our son.  Her monthly OT packet gave us ideas for fun activities, games to play, and art projects to expand his sensory world.
Our son has recently started first grade. With Robyn’s help, in the space of one school year Jackson has gone from needing a full time Para-Educator in the classroom to being completely independent with no need for inclusive support.  Jackson could not have accomplished and overcome half of what he has in the last 2 years without her dedication and support. What a blessing this has been to our son and our family. Thank you so much!" -Karen Bass

"Robyn has been guiding my son Jon’s, occupational therapy, through our home-based schooling program for the last year at CAVA. She has provided me with many programs and activities that address Jon’s specific needs.  The information she provides me with, has given me the extra tools that I need to help Jon meet benchmarks in his progress. He enjoys the activities and I feel that what she recommends has been specific to his level of ability and comprehension.  The attention she has given us has been consistent and sincere and I truly appreciate the help. Periodically, Robyn would touch base with me to advise me on the programs and check in on Jon’s progress. I always enjoy speaking with her and she has helped me to understand Jon’s needs even more.  I highly recommend Robyn as an Occupational Therapist, she is delightful to work with and professional in her consultations." -Carla Trenholm

"I just want you to know how INCREDIBLE Polly has been to work with. Sam does not warm up to people easily, but Polly has been able to connect with him better than any other provider we have ever had! He loves his sessions with Polly and she has helped him make tremendous progress. She is awesome!" - A.H.

"C. is taking classes at our local Community College. He advocated for himself with their disabled students office reps by sending his IEP documentation and having a phone conference with a counselor from disabled students office. He is set up for success and has a plan for getting an AA in Mechatronics. He is set to graduate in 2022.
C. also wrote his first college essay for English 1A and you are in it!  Reading it made me tear up. The assigned theme was overcoming something difficult in your life. His essay is about his struggle with making friends and being in social situations. You are a big part of the turning point in the essay in explaining how he now can make friends and handle social situations of various kinds. He had a zoom meeting this morning with a tutor from Sierra College that helps students get their essays in final form ready to turn in for grading. She suggested he have a stronger introduction and a couple of tweaks. He did those, no problem. He was so anxious and worried last week on the first day when he saw the assignment for the first time. It’s all online. He’s going to zoom with the instructor every Tues on zoom when he has an open office hours zoom chat time. I think your zoom meetings prepared him well for this too. 
I wanted to let you know you are a big part of his success journey and to thank you for working with him all those years. The continuity was so helpful to him. I hope you find this encouraging to you for whatever you may face this year. You truly made a positive difference in C.’s life and that means you made a positive difference in my life too.
Thank you,