Join us for self regulation small groups virtually!
We will guide fun activities that help your child be regulated and ready for learning and living well.

This group will support your child's:

        • Sensory Modulation
        • Self Awareness
        • Sensory Tools
        • Sensory Environment Changes
        • Self Regulation

        Group Materials Kit

        Registration includes a kit of materials your child will use during group time and for an extension activity each day!  The kit will be mailed directly to your house.

          Virtual Self Regulation Group Details 
          • Monday - Thursday 9am - 10:15am PST
          • Cost: $300 
          • Guaranteed cyber safety with our HIPPA and FERPA compliant Zoom therapy rooms.
          • Fun Activity Kit mailed to your house for even more fun during camp and after group is over each day!

          "I just wanted to share that S. told us that today was his best day of camp ever!!! He was totally into it! Thank you so much! We haven’t worked with an OT for S. for several years and only recently reintroduced ideas around sensory processing with him. Anyway, you are great, and S. is excited for tomorrow!"

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